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Tips For Placing A Fast, Accurate, Efficient Order
There are a few things you can do when inquiring about a decal order to speed the process.
After using our "Contact Us" page and getting your quote, you can simply use the paypal button at the bottom of this page to make a payment.

Be sure to include in your payment a note with your screen name and or your real name, and a short description of what you ordered and color for my quick refrence and if the address stated in your paypal account is the correct one.

Please use the goods option in the payment section so if I am shipping a box, I can print your shipping label off my computer and you will recieve email notification as well. If you are picking one from the album in my sig. link....simply state which decal(s) it is your intrested in, overall size (either W or H..depending which is more important and i will make the second demension proportional unless you specify it to be stretched or compressed) 

If you are looking for a custom decal, please try your best to give me a good description, or a pic is even better, even if its the wrong color or what have you, its easier to show me a pic and say "one like this only in orange and I'd like it 6" long pls." than to leave me sending you samples back and fourth which only drives everyones cost up due to the huge amounts of time that is put in this process at times. Stating you want the fireblade decal in black isnt enough simply beacuse there are a few diffrent styles of that one and a pic would save us 3 emails back and fourth right there, now just tell me size and color and we just saved 2 more emails! These are just a couple small suggestions that will insure clear communication and your order being filled accurately and completely.

Thanks again everyone for your business so far and look forward to working with you guys more in the near future! Eddie

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